Monday, 11 February 2013

Long time!

It's been a long time since I wrote anything - partly due to holidays and Christmas but mainly because I've been SO depressed about my garden!

I got back from holiday to find that my once gorgeous and abundant zuchinnis were plaged and shrivelled with powdery mildew. My tomatos had some dying disorder and all the leaves are yellowing and falling off with no signs of ripe tomatoes! The berries were nearing the end of the season & I was really gutted at them all!!!

My cucumber at its prime!

So I had to pull all the zuchinnis and cucumbers... which had only rotting tiny fruit and no leaves.... you really couldn't call them plants anymore! I was so excited when I left for holiday that I got those beautiful cucumbers climbing up the trellis. But alas I got one curled small cucumber as the only harvest off it before it shrivelled into nothing!

But its not all woe on the garden front as I've found out! I dug up the spuds & got a massive amount in return! Good value! Success Story!! Wahoo!

Beans were another success! I pulled off about 4kg from the first harvest and blanched/froze them all. Should last a good while through winter & some of the plants are still flowering! The best harvest were the french dwarf and the green climbing beans. The purple ones came in a close second - but the yellow ones didn't do well at all. Most of them curled and went into all different shapes and most of all didn't taste the best.

The tomatoes although they are all very much in the dying stage are finally ripening and we are getting a good steady supply. I've talked with a number of people and tomatoes aren't going well for the majority this year. It's a shame as my 4 measily plants I planted last year gave us far more tomatoes than the 14 I planted this year!! I had plans for sauces, relishes and everything good! But instead we have enough for salads each night and maybe one lot of tomato sauce if we are lucky!

Rhubarb is going strong - getting some huge stalks off it! Look at these funky carrots! They are the 'claws'! haha. This apparently occurs with too much organic matter - which I think is really quite funny since they are in clay gardens with a bit of compost! :)

Things that are still coming: Our capsicums are slowly growing they have a few big ones on them now almost ready to eat. The onions are looking good and the garlic tops are starting to die off. Can't wait to see whats underneath!

So now that all the summer veges are starting to go... its time to plan the winter veges! haha

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