Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bottling Beets!

It may be a thing of the past as my hubby keeps reminding me - but if you want to be self sufficient you need to do the enevitable: Bottling & preserving. It's one of those things that I can remember my grandmother doing - but never bothered to learn. Now its up to google & youtube to teach me!

My beets grew FANTASTICALLY! Yesterday my daughter and I harvested 30 massive beets the size of my hand! I mistakenly (on purpose!) planted these out all at once & so there was no option but to bottle them. Its actually a good thing really as it means I only had to turn my kitchen 'red' with all the juice once!

The potion that I used as the bottling liquid was POTENT. It definatly cleared the sinuses while I boiled it, so I'm really hopeful that its not going to make the beetroot taste terrible! Had salt, tumeric, celery seeds & mustard seeds in it with a whole lot of sugar & malt vinegar added to the brew.  

Bottled Beets!
The finished product was 4 large jars of beets. I still have a few in the garden. But If we don't all die from botulism I think I'll need to plant more next time to last us over the whole year.

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