Monday, 27 May 2013

Winter Blues.. :(

I had it all planned and seeds planted to get winter veges off with a bang! But have been too sick to do anything in the garden and my poor un-green-fingered hubby has not been thrilled about the prospect of taking over for me.

So the garden has had plenty of weeds and not much else happening. How weeds still grow in drought is beyond me! But we have gone from drought to hail and thunder storms pretty fast. Winter is now upon us and apart from my cuttings I took a few months ago - nothing is growing.

I am enjoying the feijoa season though! You either love them or hate them. But personally you just can't have enough trees! I'm making a feijoa hedge to see how that works. Apparently they are good at shaping and growing into a hedge... not sure if they will fruit much though as after I pruned back one tree there was no fruit on it this year. But there is nothing like feijoa muffins, feijoa cakes, feijoa fruit puddings.... mm

Pommegranates have been really disappointing. Even with all the sun they still rotted off the branch. It's a prickly horrible tree. The fruit was its only lifesaver! Maybe I'll give it one more year to save itself.....

Surprisingly my spring bulbs are showing (bit confused with the weather I think!). Hibiscus plants have all had a burst of growth and flowering too. It's nice to see such bare sparse gardens finally starting to grow a bit. Will be a few years still before they look how they are supposed to.

Anyway this is just a brief update from me! It's cold and I need to get closer to the fire! :) The only good thing about winter rain! :)