Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cucubits! :)

I was amazed at the growth after a few warm days in the greenhouse this week!

So looking at a fabulous tray of cucumbers, squashes and pumpkins I decided they were big enough now to go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Last year my cucumbers all died :( , failing miserably to give me even a single cucumber! This year I’m DETERMIND that we will have cucumber FEASTS and they will give us prolific crops all Summer! Wishful thinking?


I at least got one plant’s tentacles to grab hold of the trellis before it perished last year and this year I’m going to try and get them all to grow into high-risers and get them up the trellis I built for the cucumbers and beans.

I have planted out;
  • Telegraph
  • Apple
  • Gerkins

I’m also trying a type called ‘spacemaster’ that apparently grows similar to a zuchinni which I'm trying in containers, since I have limited room in my garden! :)
Cucumber - Spacemaster
This picture is not of my plant – it’s what it will grow into (hopefully!)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Family Competition Time!

This year we decided to have a family seed competition with some sunflower seeds!
The kids were so excited with the idea they had to race out to plant their seeds in their pajamas!
Such a great learning experience for them and a fun family thing to do! Even hubby got into it!

I'm quite keen to give harvesting the seeds a go this year too - who knows if this will be easy or not! But it doesn't hurt to try!

Who's will grow the fastest?! The BIGGEST?! The Ugliest?