Monday, 22 October 2012

Getting a bit arty in the garden!

My friend had a stack of bamboo that she generously gave me & so I decided to make my own trellis! Its amazing how hard weaving bamboo actually is. Note to anyone planning to do this: Don't use dead/dry bamboo - it will break! 

Also something I never expected was the thousands of tiny, tiny splinters covering my hands from the weaving! Who knew that Bamboo would give you splinters?!

Side on view 

But it's a standing success & looks very 'rustic'! I made a gigantic one for my beans & peas consisting of two trellises tilted against each other. I crossed the tops over each other & tied them so they wouldn't fall apart or tip over. I also made a couple of smaller ones for my zuchinni & cucumber plants. I'm hoping to try and train them up the trellis rather than over the ground, just to maximise on space & help air circulation to prevent diseases. I hate fungal diseases & anything that will help is worth a shot!

Having the bamboo in the garden makes it so much better to look at! Gives it depth and makes the garden come to life rather than the barren soil that it is! :)

However there are signs of life aside from the gigantic spuds! I've planted out my zuchinni, pumpkin, squash & a few more beans today. Some of my beans got broken in the high winds last weekend - I just hope the stalks that remain will re-grow. I've nearly gone through all of my climbing beans packet. With square foot gardens you can plant 8 in a square & I've allowed for about 15 squares including dwarf bean plants too. I know this sounds excessive, but we eat a lot of beans & I want to be able to get my stocks up for over winter. So I think I might have to get some more to fully fill my plot! They seem to only need a week to germinate in the greenhouse now the weather is warmer.

Smaller trellis with Zuchinni seedlings

There is still lots of space in the garden beds though for more veges!! It's so therapeutic getting out in the garden! Especially after all this horrible weather!

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