Saturday, 21 September 2013

Lightning... Flooding... Yet something SURPRISING!

After the nights storm and flooding we had, with at least a foot of water surrounding the house and a few waterfalls coming from the property above us - I really didn't think my poor pin-tacked greenhouse would be in survival mode!
But shock! Look at these babies that got lightning shocked out of hibernation!!!
The stunning day that followed the lightning filled night meant that opening my greenhouse was also followed with a burst of heat escaping!
Fantastic stuff for that germination!
I can’t believe how fast my cucumbers have shot up – less than a week after being under a plastic cover in the greenhouse!

I really was surprised! I was just grateful that it was still upright and intact to be honest! But this was a welcoming sight!

I did think the ‘greenhouse’ was officially all the cover they needed (since my greenhouse is only about a foot wide and a meter long!). I also thought that putting bags and covers over things in it was a bit over-kill! But now, I’m a firm believer of how SUPER fast things grow with the extra help!

I’m now going to get grabbing the plastic bags and put all those seedlings into them for help!

I might have to get some more of those covered seed trays! ;) 

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