Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fruit tree heaven!

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting the structure of the garden under control. I've made various sections about the place - vegetables, fruit/orchard, a cottage garden and 'native' entertaining areas. After the longer autumn-feeling weather we've had - they have had a bit of a random burst of growth and are finally starting to take shape about the place! A long way to go of course! But does a gardeners paradise ever feel completed? ;)

My Grapefruit Delight!
After hubby allowed me to buy a Golden Special Grapefruit tree last month (YUM!) - I feel like I have almost everything  in the way of trees(who can say for sure they have enough fruit trees?!) that I want to eat throughout the year now! Pity most of the trees are only a meter high, so the yields are obviously not going to be that much for at least a couple of years! But if everything takes off and gets fruit on it - we should theoretically be self sufficient for most fruit seasons over the year! That's the goal anyway!

We do have a mandarin tree that was here when we arrived and that gave us about 3kg of fruit and its only 1.5m.... so I have high hopes for the rest!

I've separated all the citrus trees and stone fruit trees into different areas and after a few re-arrangements I'm finally really happy with where they are all placed. Sounds like a lot of effort - and it is! Taking into consideration the final size of the tree and that I wanted some to provide us a bit of privacy from other houses - it was quite a tricky expedition! Guess that's the blessing of being in a city and not rural!

Poor Mr Avocado

My avocado trees are looking a little bald..... I'm in the hope that they have lost their leaves due to shock and will re-bloom fabulously come spring time!


Peaches, apples, plums and nectarines are all starting to bud! Whoop whoop! Time to get out that copper to control the fungus!

Look at this! Poor Mr Loquat tree had a dire case of black spot all over it and was not a happy tree. In fact I thought it would die after it lost most of its leaves. But after many Bravo (Yates fungicide) applications over the last year - the black spot has definitely become less, although not completely gone yet. It even has a single bunch of fruit and new leaves!!!!! WOW! Can't wait to see what they taste like!

Brilliant! Some fruit!

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