Saturday, 29 June 2013

Renovating the Pond

Well... not much happening in my garden! I can honestly say the winter crop has been a dismal failure! I found a stray potato plant looming there with a few beetroots. Carrots have been eaten by bugs and my my brocolli and Kale have disappeared from either slug infestations or random alien attacks! 

Nothing much I can do now for a couple of months when things get warmer and start growing again!~  Except of course - PLAN! haha. Always big ideas there!!!

So... its a good time to do some renovating around the garden while we wait!

Bit blurry sorry! But here is the ghastly hole-in-the ground. 
The pond was a massive ugly hole in the ground. With toddlers around it had to go! It had a concrete rim which you can see hubby smashing out so we can flatten it out.

Hubby working Hard smashing down the concrete exterior.
 Looks like the dead of night, but its only 5pm!

Finally we got it all flattened and added the much needed dirt to the hole! Now it looks fabulous! We will grass it and hope that the grass will grow in winter! :) I've put a row of gardenia's and grasses along the edge just to give it some sort of landscaping!


A great result for a weekends work! :) 
I'm so excited to be getting some much needed chores done around the place!
But now, it's time to get inside and put the fire on!!!!! :)

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