Monday, 24 September 2012

The importance of labelling!

Well its great - my seedlings are sprouting up in the greenhouse! I haven't gotten sick of looking at them everyday & seeing new growth & things changing! They all look generally the same (well for the most part!)! Its bizarre that so many varieties of food all start off with the same look. My capsicums that I was worried hadn't germinated have signs of life finally! :) Glad I didn't start them again!

I think there has been a mix up with my spring onions though! They look surprisingly like the radishes.... in fact.. they look NOTHING like an onion. I'm wondering whether some little children's fingers got into the packets and swapped a few things around! I guess I'll find out when they grow a bit bigger!

We also had a bit of wind which upturned a couple of pots & the name tags got up-heaved too! I guess I'll be hoping for the best when it comes to working out what is a cucumber & whats a zucchini!!!

Definatly a good thing to label well though. I've had a few 'oh I'll remember what I've planted' moments.... and I haven't! I found some neat cheap ways of labeling on the net - rather than the ice cream sticks I've been using. There is the option of plastic - which doesn't disintegrate but I think its pretty ugly. Check these ideas out;

I like the wooden spoon idea - which is the picture that says 'lettuce'. Instead of wood burning the name of the plant on, I've seen ones that have just been painted. Its great recycling to use your old cutlery too - or a can lid!! The wooden stakes also look nice - a bit more formal if you have the time & wood! Some people out there are so creative!

On the flower front I've planted a hellebore under a few of my fruit trees & I've got some lavender I've put along the fenceline. Still no sign of bees! Again the plants are on the small side.... but I haven't got around to looking at some annuals yet. Planted my seedlings of marigolds though for the vegetable patch!

I'm also starting to think about planting my peas & beans :) I really want to stagger these, as I don't want masses all at once.

The weather hasn't really been helping - its sunny one moment, freezing the next! I'm a bit scared to put anything outside yet in fear of mass destruction! :)

Bring on summer! :)

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